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Dead Sea Mud for the body - 450 gm

JD 15.00
Dead Sea Mud for the body for women and men 450 grams from Reallam products

Dead Sea Mud Face - 350 gm

JD 15.00
Dead Sea Face Clay for Women and Men - Dead Sea Facial Mud Mask The size of the package is 350 grams.  

Oud Incense - Toula (12 g)

JD 60.00
Original oud incense from Relam Group The package contains a toula (12 grams)

electric incense burner

JD 15.00
Luxurious electric incense burner from the Reallam collection

طين ارمن

JD 5.00 JD 15.00
طين ارمن ترابة ارمنية من مجموعة ريلام جروب

Hajar Jahanam Cream

JD 20.00
Hajar Jahanam cream for sensitive skin to delay ejaculation 100% natural from Relam Group

natural delay ejaculation cream

JD 15.00
Delaying ejaculation cream is 100% natural from Pyr, chemical additives or preservatives from the Realam group. As it increases the time of enjoyment between spouses (especially for those who suffer from premature ejaculation problems). The cream mixture increases the strength and enlargement of the erection.

Hajar Jahanam late ejaculation

JD 15.00
Hajar JahanamDelaying ejaculation - from the Relam group 

Male gum oil 60 ml

JD 5.00
Male gum oil is a highly concentrated first-class oil from the Relam group

شاي ريلام للقولون

JD 15.00
Relam Tea from the Relam group The best natural and healthy drink to treat irritable bowel syndrome. Benefits of Relam Tea: It helps you get rid of: Abdominal pain. Bloating and gas. Constipation or diarrhea. Stinging in the chest and rapid heart rate. Acidity and heartburn. Burping.

Mixture for disc treatment of knees and joints

JD 25.00
Mix of disc, neck pain, joints, knees and cartilage slippage - from the Relam group - 100% natural The mixture is therapeutic and its effect is very fast.

Moroccan bath package

JD 15.00
Moroccan bath package from Realam group 100% natural

Royal thyme

JD 3.00 JD 6.00
Royal thyme, pride of the first class from the Relam Group

Aleppo soil

JD 2.00 JD 4.00
ترابة حلبية (Aleppo soil ) - البيلون من مجموعة ريلام

Halawa whey

JD 2.00 JD 8.00
شرش الحلاوة - العصلج Saponaria من مجموعة ريلام

Herb RUE

JD 1.25 JD 4.00
عشبة الحرمل من مجموعة ريلام

Javanese incense amber red

JD 4.00 JD 8.00
بخور جاوي عنبري احمرred amber jawi incense  من اجود وافخر انواع البخور من مجموعة ريلام

Hemorrhoids mixture

JD 25.00
Hemorrhoid blend - 100 ml natural cream from the Relam group. The cream contains 100% natural oils and plants, helps reduce swollen blood vessels and gives relief from swelling and redness both internal and external hemorrhoids. in natural and pure ways without any side effects.

Eczema mixture

JD 25.00
Eczema mixture - 100 ml natural cream. The cream contains 100% natural oils and plants, and eliminates the use of cortisone fat and histamine.

H. pylori mixture

JD 25.00
Spiral germ mixture from the Relam group It works to solve the problems of the digestive system in healthy, natural and safe ways without any side effects and get rid of the effects of the bacterium and its immediate effect from the first use.

Cream Sheikh onfokh

JD 10.00
Cream Sheikh onfokh up from the Relam Group The cream contains natural materials suitable for all types of skin, works to crack the cheeks and lips and gives an attractive and distinctive view.